New Kroger Sits in Two Communities

Written by
Keith BieryGolick

AMELIA — A Kroger located in two communities at once “isn’t very common.”

That’s what Rachael Betzler, Kroger spokesperson, said when asked about the Kroger Marketplace being built at 262 West Main St. (Ohio Pike).

Nearly half of the new Kroger is located in Amelia village while the other half is situated in Pierce Township, said Todd Hart, Amelia mayor.

It has not been determined how the neighboring communities will divide revenue, Hart said.

The Kroger in Amelia village and Pierce Township has not been finished, but its fuel center opened Feb. 1.

“We haven’t quite figured that out yet. I’ve heard so many rumors as to where the line will be drawn, whether it’s the location of the cash registers or what have you,” he said. “We’ll just have to see how it plays out. Either way, it’s a win-win for both (communities).”

Other responsibilities, like police jurisdiction will have to be worked out, too.

“We’re getting ready for the Kroger right now,” said David Friend, Amelia police chief. “We’re responsible to get ready to take the call – both Pierce Township and us.”

The Kroger fuel center opened Feb. 1 and is 100 percent in Amelia.

“It’s been doing really well,” Betzler said. “Customers are really enjoying being able to use the Kroger points they’ve already accumulated at the other locations.”

The 123,000-square-foot building has been built and the next step is to put blacktop down on the parking lot, Hart said.

“They’re also getting ready to put shelving in next week,” he said.

The location will become “one of the largest Krogers in the state,” Betzler said. A store in Centerville near Dayton is the largest, she said.

Regardless, the store’s opening should drive other businesses into Amelia, Hart said.

“Everything is in finalizing mode, but we’re hoping for some different restaurants and other (businesses),” he said, declining to detail specifics. “I know there is some stuff coming – I can guarantee you that.”

Hart could only speculate about when the store would open – July or August, he said.

And Betzler would only say Kroger was on track to hit its completion goal of “late summer/early fall.”

The next step for the Kroger in Amelia village and Pierce Township is laying blacktop and stocking shelves. A spokesperson said the store is on track for a late summer or early fall opening.

While officials in the village are excited by the prospect of drawing businesses to the area, the opening of the new store also will culminate with the closing of two smaller stores on Ohio Pike.

Those locations will close the night before the new store opens, Betzler said.

Despite the closings, the Kroger Marketplace will bring in 150 jobs to the area, she said.

A Batavia resident filling up his car at the fuel center said he’ll go to the new Kroger, but would rather officials kept the other locations open.

“I kind of like the little one,” said Don Miller, 69. “(The larger store) will bring in too much traffic. It’s just too big.”