Town Park Coffee CafeUtilizing strategic planning, market and asset analysis as well as a multi-disciplined approach to planning and implementation, Select Strategies delivers services that are focused on optimal performance and are directly tied to the business goals of its clients.


Recognizing the importance of experienced and invested property teams, Select Strategies’ property teams are empowered to respond quickly and decisively to property issues and are involved in short term and long term strategic planning. Unlike other companies who rely on mid-level managers to focus on third party portfolios, Select Strategies has a staff of tenured business executives, attorneys and CPAs focusing on asset growth and performance.


Select Strategies combines streamlined management tools and computerized reporting and accounting systems to increase performance levels, maximize resources and enhance services and client communication. Select Strategies offers clients access to management reports though the MRI system, leases and documents through SharePoint, a virtual document system, and financial payments and tracking reports through the Avid Invoice Management System.

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In addition to a full spectrum of comprehensive management services, Select Strategies’ capabilities include leasing, brokerage, web based marketing support, an in-house market research department and full payroll/staffing capabilities. Understanding the lifecycle of a real estate project, Select Strategies offers development services ranging from new development to redevelopment. Unlocking the potential of an asset and creating value is the focus of Select Strategies’ development services.