Town Park At Night

Select Strategies recognizes that not all property owners have the same goals and objectives. While an investment trust may focus on a long term strategy to maximize the return, a financial institution or special servicer may have a foreclosed asset in need of immediate disposition. In either case Select Strategies will identify the client’s goals and objectives before designing a strategic approach to leasing the property.

Select Strategies’ Leasing Team is unique in that it uses a customized Systematic Leasing Strategy in the pursuit of increasing occupancy, replacing weak or struggling tenants, and improving the tenant mix of each project. The Systematic Leasing Strategy incorporates several key components and initiatives which consist of the following:

  • First WatchLeveraging internal resources and information
  • Extensive analysis of demographics, economic forecasts and other market data
  • Comprehensive marketing plan
  • Alternative use analysis
  • Negotiating and finalizing the transaction
  • Comprehensive market inventory analysis
  • Standard and hybrid merchandising plans
  • Customized leasing packages and marketing material
  • Detailed lease analysis
  • Leasing activity tracking and reporting