April 1, 2015

Dear Brian:

I worked with you on resolving a pressing issue in my Tower Grove neighborhood, Ward 15, in south St. Louis City.  At the beginning of the project, I was a neighborhood leader, a leader in a faith based organization  working to improve  our neighborhood. The problem  was an almost vacant, 1970’s shopping center, Gravois Plaza. We worked through the many challenges that face a development that has outlived its use through  a public engagement  process which you played a key role, representing the developer.  Public engagement and education  played a key factor in allowing  developer, public and government to move forward and make the necessary decisions in order for Gravois Plaza to be leveled and rebuilt; transformed, providing much needed services and again generating taxes.This project required  a TIF (tax incremental financing).  I began the project  as a civic leader in 1999.  I was elected Alderman of Ward 15 in April 2001.  The Gravois Plaza TIF, was my first piece of legislation.    You were absolutely wonderful! I learned more about development in the two years I worked with you before I was elected and what I needed to know to make things happen!  I provided  effective leadership for almost 14 years, transforming the area that I served as well as St. Louis as a whole.

Thank you.

Jennifer A. Florida

St. Louis City

15th Ward Alderman